About KnowQuest

KnowQuest.net was born when Dr. Agostino Menna and his friend Rahi Tajzadeh were looking to innovate in the education industry. After months of researching and validation, they recognized a major gap in the higher education industry: Academic Feedback. Students and Professors did not have a third-party, unbiased platform to give their feedback on textbooks, resources, classes, and their school. The Academic Feedback platform was born after months of prototyping, Thanks to our great team, all the students and professors that participated in our research and Riipen.com projects, and those wonderful people who believed in us, we are the world’s first and only academic feedback platform! .

To be the default academic feedback platform in the world.

We bridge the gap between professors, students, schools and publishers.

The commitment to honest, value-added, and innovative services.


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