Spots New Opportunity and its executive team, thanks to collaboration with students, professors, schools, education advocacy groups and publishers, has spotted an additional opportunity that will enhance its textbook rating system, into a full-fledged academic feedback platform. Thanks to the platform, and the fantastic students and professors participating in projects therein, KnowQuest has had the privilege of understanding their unique needs. Students want to rate their textbooks. Students want to rate their digital resources. Students want to rate their school each semester. Students want to rate their classes. Students want their professors to rate and search through rating when selecting textbooks and resources. Students want to rate anonymously. Students want ratings to be credible. Students want free access to ratings via a search. Professors want to be able to rate anonymously, but value credibility just as much. Professors want to know what textbooks and resources are available - there is no current online database of available textbooks and resources! Professors want to save time and energy in selecting textbooks and resources. KnowQuest listened, and is designing its next BETA with these requirements at the forefront. For more information, email us at

Date: August 31, 2018