The Team is Growing!!!

We are proud to announce new team members here at! Mr. Neil Cosby MBA and CHRL, is a Professor and HR Consultant, as well as a Business Development Specialist Mr. Michael McEvenue is a Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Communications and Design Expert Mr. Jiri Fiala is a Data Security Expert Mr. Jeremy Buzanis is a Digital Advertising Expert Mr. Luke Guevara is a Marketing Coordinator Mr. Ron McMeeken is a former CPA/CFP, an Accountant, A Tax Expert, and Advisor Mr. Amrish Mana MBA, is a Finance Expert and Advisor Ms. Ilayda Atasoy is a Business Development Expert Ms. Bahareh Attari and Mr. Ayoob Faraji joined the team in late 2019.

Date: December 31, 2019