Business: a Changing World
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Business: a Changing World

Ferrell, Business: A Changing World reflects the many dynamic changes in the business environment related to how managers make decisions. Business: A Changing World helps students to understand how the functional areas of business have to be coordinated as the economy, technology, global competition, and consumer decision making continue to evolve. Ferrell presents concepts that entry-level students can understand and learn in a one-semester course. With the most up to date content and technology available, Business: A Changing World represents the best value available in the brief Introductory Business market today. What sets Ferrell apart is an unrivaled mixture of topical depth, current content and student-focused design and pedagogy. Ferrell offers a real-world, skill-building, decision-focused framework in a compact and user-friendly format providing instructors the opportunity to cover all key business concepts in a single semester.