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Ontario's Premier College Hub
For Applied Education Resources

The platform is an applied resource discovery tool that makes your search social.


KnowQuest is a resource sharing platform for Faculty, Librarians and Research & Innovation experts.


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Faculty Resources

Explore, share and rate teaching learning plans, rubrics, assignmentideas, tests, industry partnerships subject expertise and course based resaech.

Connect with other faculty, share resources and improve student engagement by exploring applied aducation resources.

With workload hours increasing, KnoQuest increases efficiency in and out of the classroom.


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Librarian Support

Be part of our digital platform to access and interact with college students, faculty and librarians across Ontario.

Engage students and faculty to increase knowledge creation and dissemination.

Crowdsource your resources and give your users an additional research tool in their applied education experience.


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Research & Innovation

A common place to share course-based research projects across the college system.

Promote industry partnerships and programs.

A complimentary resource to increase student and professor exposure to industry partnerships.



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