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Who Rates Textbooks and Digital Resources? Who Rates Classes and Schools? Who Rates Their Online Learning Experience? For the first time ever, you do! KnowQuest.net is a platform to quickly and anonymously rate your College or University Experience! You have a academic voice and it’s time to be heard! Bridging the gap in higher education, we are KnowQuest, we are academic feedback!

Online or In Class, How Do You Prefer to Learn?

We will periodically ask basic questions here on our home page, and encourage you to participate! All ratings on KnowQuest.net are Anonymous. The following question is in response to the current pandemic: Do you prefer to learn Online or In Class?

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Why Academic Feedback and Why Rate Education?

Trust, that’s why. Trust is what makes society function smoothly. But trust goes both ways, and students’ voices need to be heard to make education better. On the KnowQuest platform, your ratings are anonymous, secure, and credible. It’s time students are heard!

KnowQuest’s $5,000 “Don’t Hate it, Rate it” Contest Details

KnowQuest.net is proud to announce the “Don’t Hate it, Rate it!” Contest.

We understand that students are going through challenging times, and we want to help! Our academic feedback platform gives students a new voice in education. We are running this contest to get the message out. As ratings accumulate, content creators can craft better materials, professors can select better textbooks and resources, and online learning can improve.

Let’s work together to make education better.